Plusnet Social Tariff – Does It Exist?

Many broadband providers have already introduced cheaper plans for   struggling households or those who are on benefits. These are sometimes known as ‘social tariff’ plans.

At the time of writing, Plusnet does not have a social tariff broadband plan.

However, the good news is that Ofcom have intervened and forced Plusnet, along with several other broadband providers, to offer a social tariff plan. We are waiting for more information on this – but be assured that it is in the pipeline.

TIP: Compare all existing social tariff broadband plans here.

8 thoughts on “Plusnet Social Tariff – Does It Exist?

  1. While I believe it is still currently true (as of 14/08/2023) that Plusnet do not offer a social tariff as such, existing customers can ring the Plusnet number on this page: and either get moved over to Home Essentials (parent company BT’s social tariff), or renegotiate their package with Plusnet. For me the Plusnet offering was nearly as good with little difference in price as I was just out of cntract and I still prefer Plusnet for customer service. But don’t take my word for it, give them a ring and see what they can do for you.

    1. I’ve just tried to get an answer to my social tariff question, on Chat – without success. I may have to phone, after the holidays.

  2. This site cannot answer that, it is a general social tariff site. Cancel Plusnet and look for a deal that works for you. Not Virgin, though! (crap is always gonna stink)

    I just phoned Plusnet to cancel.
    (I’m going over to the £12pcm 38Mb Vodaphone or £20pcm 76Mb BT Social tariff) but…

    If you are in the right area (I’m not), you can get £15pcm for 50Mb or £20 for 150Mb.

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