TalkTalk Social Tariff – How Do I Apply?

TalkTalk doesn’t have a ‘social tariff’ plan yet, but they do offer free internet connections to jobseekers and those on certain types of benefits. The catch is that you need to apply through JobCentre Plus. You can find your nearest JobCentre here.

Another option is to check for NHS discounts which can sometimes be used on TalkTalk broadband & phone plans.

It is likely that TalkTalk will shortly introduce their full fat social tariff plans – Ofcom have intervened and forced TalkTalk, along with several other broadband providers, to create a social tariff plan. We are waiting for more information on this, but be assured that it seems to be in the pipeline.

Even though TalkTalk don’t provide a discounted broadband plan, many other providers do – compare all social tariff broadband deals here.

34 thoughts on “TalkTalk Social Tariff – How Do I Apply?

  1. I enquired today and all they would do is downgrade me to fibre 35 on a 12 month contract. money grabbing ‘orrible people.

  2. That is way over the top. I pay £23 per month for TV, broadband and until now free UK phone calls with TalkTalk. I’ve been with them for over 16 years. You must haggle to get a good deal.

  3. Ring them and ask for a discounted rate. You can check online to see what there offers are. If they are not willing to help, then go with another company. Unfortunately most companies only other good rates to new customers and dont take care of there log term customers.

    1. Thankyou Ben you’ve been very helpful,I have a 2 yr contract with virgin media and was wondering if I can change to social tarriff after 6months…

  4. Talk talk dont even want to listen to me when I ask for a discount, even though I am on benefits and struggling

    1. I’m with virgin media but because I missed last months payment they’ve suspended my internet…I can’t afford the payments and not sure what to do… we’re not buying enough food and because we’re so skint I’m seriously turning everything off to save power…got universal credit bugging me to update my journal but can’t not internet..using my friend’s phone…

  5. Good to see that Talk Talk are one of the only broadband providers that don’t have a social tariff to offer their loyal customers. Well done Talk Talk (NOT)

  6. Have I got to go into my nearest jobcentre to get them to help me apply for the social tariff please

    1. When you chose the company with the best social tariff, that company’s website you will be asked to put in your details and you will come to a box that says apply via your jobcentre and I guess the jobcentre will contact the broadband company to let them know you are on benefits.


  8. Myself and husband are pensioners and on housing benefits. Would we be eligible for a reduction on our broadband ie social tariff.

    Mrs Maureen barry

  9. I’m on talk talk at present at £25 a mth.
    I av been told as a pensioner on Pip and houseig benefit I shud get the social tariff.
    Talk talk av said I need to pay off the contract first is this right.

    1. It seems TT are about the only firm that don’t do a social tariff I’ve had difficulties with even getting them to not take out £51 for this month because I didn’t know I had to agree to the latest contrac after I’d already said over the phone I would? They still are taking the above amount from me this month even though I’m on a state pension with pension credit?

  10. ive been with talk talk for about 14 years and never had a discount, i recieve pension credit, im now paying over £58 00 per month, any advice please.

    1. Hi John, I am really sorry but there’s still not much news from TalkTalk about this. We are waiting for Ofcom to force them to offer a Social Tariff, which appears to be what needs to happen for TalkTalk to actually do anything about it. They’ve had 2 years to add a Social Tariff plan but haven’t!

      1. I won’t be going with talktalk then… we’re both really poorly and universal credit don’t give us enough money so got to give up internet or find cheaper or social tarriff…any suggestions.

    2. Change companies straight to a social tarif.

      I left tt years ago. Conpany policies are rubbish for customers

    3. I have been with TalkTalk for about 20 years now as a faithful customer and I am paying over £43 per month for Broadband, fibre to the cabinet I think, and unlimited telephone calls. I am on pension credit and my wife, also on the same broadband account, has the full attendance allowance etc. Talktalk can’t do a nything to help at the moment.
      I shall be 80 this year.
      Not happy with them! Been loyal too long methinks.

  11. Can you please inform me ASAP when a social tariff is introduced by talk talk, or what the best deal is for broadband that you have, as I feel I am paying too much as a customer and my speed is not as fast as I was told, as programs and you tube keep buffering. If I cannot get a better deal I may have to find an alternative provider as I am also still waiting for a wi fi booster I was promised free of charge last September.Thank you

    1. When you chose the company with the best social tariff, on that company’s website you will be asked to put in your details and you will come to a box that says apply via your jobcentre and I guess the jobcentre will contact the broadband company to let them know you are on benefits.

  12. Hi I’m your customer and receive pension credit and disability allowance. Are you able to change my tarring to a social one as the cost of living effect me badly and I’m getting behind with my mortgage payment.

  13. Talktalk are no longer a cheap provider,I am on benefits and enquired about a social tariff,was told I could get a new deal for 9 pence cheaper but that I’d have to agree to a new contract tieing me to another 18months I don’t want a new contract,I’ve been with this company since it was tiscali and over time it’s got worse,ie:-internet/wifi,the price keeps going up I am getting charged for tv which I advised that I don’t use the TV box but still have to pay £33 plus per month.I can’t wait for my contract to end and get a better deal from a different provider.

  14. Will you notify me when you start the “social tariff” scheme for your Braodband service.
    Than you, Mrs Patricia Davis.

  15. Can you tell me if being on Guaranteed Pension credit applications can be made to Talktalk social tariff

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