Hafren Dyfrdwy Social Tariff

Hafren Dyfrdwy social tariff

If you receive means-tested benefits or your household income is below a certain amount, you may be eligible for the social tariff that Hafren Dyfrdwy offer.

The social water tariff Hafren Dyfrdwy offer is called Here2Help. If you sign up to it then you could receive 30% to 90% off of the average Hafren Dyfrdwy water bill.

Who is eligible for the Hafren Dyfrdwy social tariff?

Any customer with a household income of £18,278 or below is eligible for some help with their bill in the form of a social tariff. You don’t need to be falling behind on your water payments to qualify. Hafren Dyfrdwy will simply assess your income to determine how much of a reduction you are entitled to.

If you claim any of the below benefits then they are not included as household income when assessing your application:

So this means that you don’t need to count your benefit income within the £18,278 limit. The Here2Help scheme runs for 12-months at a time. You will need to be reassessed at the end of each period in order to continue claiming the discount on your water service.

How to apply for the Hafren Dyfrdwy Here2Help scheme

It’s pretty easy to sign up to the Hafren Dyfrdwy social tariff. All you need to do is download an application from their website, or give them a call on 0800 085 3053. When you apply for the Here2Help scheme, you will need to have details of the following handy:

  • Your income
  • Details of any benefits you receive

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