Yorkshire Water Social Tariff

Yorkshire Water social tariff

If someone in your household receives certain mean-tested benefits or you are a household that has a low income, then you could be eligible for a reduction on your water bill. Yorkshire water offer a social tariff and a range of short term and longer terms schemes that make it easier to keep on top of your water bill.

Currently there are five main schemes that Yorkshire Water offer, and these are:

  • WaterSure
  • WaterSupport
  • Community Trust
  • Water Direct
  • Resolve

WaterSure by Yorkshire Water

WaterSure is a scheme offered by many water providers in the UK. It’s a bill cap scheme for customers who have a water meter, and meet other criteria. These are claiming an income-based benefit, Universal Credit or if they need more water because of an ongoing medical condition.


WaterSupport is another bill cap scheme intended for those households who are on a lower income. If you qualify then your annual water bill will be capped at £350 (for the year 2022/23).

Community Trust

Community Trust is a debt support scheme for Yorkshire Water customers who have arrears between £50 and £2,000 in addition to one priority debt.

Water Direct

Water Direct is a debt support scheme for customers who receive a deductible income-based benefit. Payments for your water are taken directly from your benefits so you don’t have to worry about budgeting for them.


Resolve is a debt support scheme offered to Yorkshire Water customers who are struggling to catch up on their previous water bill arrears. The aim of this scheme is to help you become debt-free so that you can keep up with your water bill payments going forward

How to apply for a Yorkshire Water social tariff

For WaterSure, WaterSupport and Community Trust you will need to fill in an application form to see whether you are eligible for support. This can be found on this page of the Yorkshire Water website.

To apply for Water Direct, or Resolve then you can give Yorkshire Water a call on 0345 1 299 299.

In addition to the above schemes Yorkshire Water also offer plenty of advice on how you can save water by switching to a water meter if you don’t already have one. They also offer plenty of hints, tips and tricks to save your water consumption and therefore receive lower bills.

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  1. Hi. I receive ESA, and PIP. Can I get social tarriff? I’ve tried filling firm but it won’t let me input anything.

  2. I retired in November this year, I live alone and currently pay my bill in 2 halves £182
    Do I qualify for a reduced water bill as I now receive the state pension and work 2 days on minimum wage.

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