United Utilities Social Tariff

United Utilities social tariff

If you are on a low income or someone in your household receives a means-tested benefits, then United Utilities may be able to offer you a social tariff. A social tariff is a reduced rate for the water that you receive and is exclusively available for those on benefits or lower incomes.

How can United Utilities help me pay my water bill?

There are three main ways in which United Utilities can help you to pay your water bill, they offer various schemes including:

  • Flexible ways to pay
  • Financial support with your bills
  • Help managing your money

Flexible ways to pay with United Utilities

Making your water bill more affordable is easier than you may think. Whether you want to switch to their PayAsUGo scheme or set up a payment plan, they are here to support you every step of the way. At the moment there are several ways in which United Utilities can help you pay your water bill:

  • Paying by direct debit instead of in one amount
  • PayAsUGo
  • Payment break
  • Pay directly from your benefits
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Pay on the app when it suits you

In addition to the above flexible ways to keep on top of your water bill, United Utilities also offer advice on how to save water  -which will in turn save you money on your bill. All you have to do is complete a form on their website. United Utilities are already helping more than 200,000 people with their water bill.

United Utilities financial support

If you are having difficulties paying your water bill, then the sooner you let United Utilities know the better. They don’t want you to worry about your water bill and there are many ways (such as those outlined above) in which they can make your water bill more affordable. You can apply for support with your water bill using the application form on this page.

There are several ways in which United Utilities can support you financially, via the below schemes:

  • Back on Track
  • WaterSure
  • Help to Pay
  • Payment Matching
  • Cheaper with a Meter
  • Trust Fund

For more information ,on all of the above social schemes, visit this page on the United Utilities website.

Help managing your money with United Utilities

United Utilities are also going the extra mile to help you get on top of your finances. They offer various ways in which they can help you get on top of your bills to help towards the end goal of living a life free of stress and worry. Here is what they can offer you:

  • Independent support to tackle your existing debts
  • Support with household budgeting
  • Help checking your benefit entitlements
  • Assistance with any money worries that you may have
  • Advice on keeping a healthy credit score
  • Information on government support for the cost of living

As you can see there are many ways in which United Utilities are committed to helping their customers so that they can pay their water bill. If you need any further information any of the schemes and service son this page – including social tariffs – then simply visit their website to find out more.

6 thoughts on “United Utilities Social Tariff

  1. United Utilities does not seem to actually HAVE a social tariff listed on their website. They have plenty of Ways to Pay, but nothing about lower bills for those on low incomes.
    The Flexible ways to pay are: Direct Debit, PayAsUGo, Payment break, Pay (directly) from your benefits, Flexible payment plans, Pay on our app. None of that is actually about lower bills for low income households.

    This is why there are so many comments above asking about qualifying for a social tariff from United Utilities. And Judith Anders is correct. This claim of UU having a social tariff is nothing more than a pig with lipstick.

  2. I am able to claim a social tariff rate, I am on ESA benefit,
    I cannot have a water meter put in because of a technical difficulty,
    Please send me information of any future reduction,

  3. “United Utilities may be able to offer you a social tariff. A social tariff is a reduced rate for the water that you receive and is exclusively available for those on benefits or lower incomes”

    It says this on your site .. does that apply to people on Disability Benefit and Pension Credit?

    If this genuine then please get in touch confirming that you will reduce the price of my water
    I saw this on “Rip off Britain” so can write to them and confirm this has happened if you do this for me

    1. We have a water meter in the property we live in. My husband is, and has been on disability living allowance for 20 years or so. We do not earn enough in pensions to pay tax, but are not eligible for pension credit. Do we qualify for the social tariff with United utilities?

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