Wessex Water Social Tariff

Wessex Water social tariff

If you’re on a low income, receive certain benefits or are struggling to pay your water bill then Wessex Water offer a social tariff as well as various other schemes to help you financially. A social tariff is an exclusive tariff for those on lower incomes and if your eligible you can save money on your water bill.

So far Wessex Water have helped over 50,000 via their support schemes and social tariff. Currently if eligible you can get help with the following schemes:

  • Reduced bill
  • WaterSure bill cap scheme
  • Debt support scheme
  • Discount for low income pensioners
  • Flexible payment plan
  • Water Direct – payment directly from your benefits
  • Payment breaks

What social tariffs are available from Wessex Water?

Reduced bill – with a reduced bill from Wessex Water, you can save money on your bill based on your ability to pay

WaterSure bill cap scheme – if you receive social benefits or tax credits, there are three or more children living at home, or someone has a medical condition that requires the use of extra water then Wessex Water will cap your bill to what the average household pays

Debt support scheme – If you have a significant water debt that you simply can’t repay then Restart by Wessex Water may be able to help you by writing it off

Discount for low income pensioners – If your state pension is your only income or you receive Pension Credit then you could receive £60 off your bill

Flexible Payment Plan – this can be offered if you’re having short term problems paying your water bill

WaterDirect – a national scheme for those who are behind on their water bill and receive benefits. Your water bill can be taken directly from your benefit payments

Payment breaks – if you need a bit of time to pay in order to deal with a change in personal circumstances then a payment break may be able to help

Before you apply to any of the schemes or social tariffs available from Wessex Water it may be worth seeking independent financial advice. Wessex Water offer plenty of information on how to just that, on their website.

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